Night (Moon gosh darnit!!!!!!!) hero ideas.

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Night (Moon gosh darnit!!!!!!!) hero ideas.

Post by Fewmets on Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:31 am

I have this brilliant idea that u ARE going to implement into warring clans. *jedi mind trick* u wanna take ur shirt off.... umm i mean u wanna use my idea.*end hand movements*
p.s. things in "//"s are comments
Hero type

Moon Elemental
//yes moon not night damn u//
"Fewmets Draona the Nitemare rider"
Mounted Undead Warrior Mage type
attack - low
HP - Med
Armour - high

int based

crescent blade - 6 levels
a magic non-homing attack
-long range attack //maybe 2500 range//
-targets ground and damages all enemies till it reaches that point
-low damage and low mana cost/refresh rate - effected by level and int
-meant as a spam from long range

Moonbreaker - 5 levels
"fancy flavor text about your swords name here"
-only at night!!!!!!
-increases your sword's damage //2/5/10/20/30//
-increases movement speed
-increases attack speed

Moon roar - 4 levels
a buff for nearby allies that damages all units surrounding you
-pushes enemies back - effected by int
-deals slight damage to all nearby units excluding the nitemare rider - effected by int
-buffs effected allies attack dmg //5/10/15/20// and rate //10/20/25/30// //after dealing dmg to them//
-has no direct effect on the nitemare rider

New Moon - 3 levels
"use the power of a new moon to aid you"
the moon rises for 2 minutes every time u use this ability. also having it gives u the passive buff of +10/20/25 armour at night

all values can be changed. this is just a recomendation but if u don't take it i'll bite ur dick off.

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