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Racial stuff

Post by darkwulfv on Sun May 10, 2009 10:19 pm

So, there's an older thread thread that talks about the races, but it also covers other things. Here, I just want to be able to talk about the races, especially the minor ones.

So, the minor races are Bandits, Astral Elves, and Demons.

The Bandits are with the Orc, the Astral Elves with the Naga, and the Demons with the Undead.

I decided that each minor race will have their own small base attached to the main one. Each base will be slightly different.

For the Orcs, the Bandit base is directly attached, and its buildings are mixed with the Orc's. The Orc's main building is in the Bandit base, with their's.
For the Naga, the Astral Elf base is attached as well, but does not share buildings with the Naga. This makes beating the Naga slightly harder, because their bases work as 2 seperate entities.
For the Undead, the Demon base is not directly attached, but is nearby. What makes it unique is that if the Undead base is attacked, the Demon base will immediately send support troops to help. The Demon base does not have a main building which needs to be destroyed.

Now some details about each minor race.
-The Bandits are weaker than the orcs in terms of health, but their towers are stronger and their abilities are based more around support than sheer brute force.
-The Astral Elves are a spin-off of the Night Elves and Corrupted Night Elves. Their units are heavily magic based, which works well with the Naga since their units are slow and based more around smashing and tearing and tanking.
-The Demons mainly bring heavy tanks and mass-damage to the field, similar to the Nagas. However, the big units spawn rarely, and the Demons usually just provide smaller units to supplement the large number of Undead.

Now, what I'm trying to decide is whether these minor races should work independantly of their "major" race. That is, they send units at different intervals and don't mix units, etc. Or, I could make them work together, so both send a few of their own units. I suppose it will depend after I do some testing, but I'm personally liking them working with their major race (it'd make more sense, wouldn't it?)

And that's about it right now. More to come as it comes.



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