The summoner hero

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The summoner hero

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 22, 2009 8:16 am

So, here i need suggestions for my infamous summoner hero. I need ideas for 2 of his spells. This spells must fit his tactic and must also be a counter to a spell from the orc race, or must be a match for the Undead race.

So far I have:
Summon Fel Beasts (yes, remade and balanced): A counter for FS wolf ability. Higher levels create stronger summons with Shatter and Explode ability.
Shatter: scraifices the summon, stealing X% of his hp in mana to enemy units
Explode: same as Shatter, but deals damage

Summon ability 2: need ideas ... maybe ward to counter rhasta?

Passive ability: Increases the level of Shatter and Explode, adds some bonus to summons(don't know which bonus yet) and does something to summon 2....

Ultimate: Apocalypse, yes, I am remaking Chaos rider hero, his ultimate is now the summoner's ultimate ...

Any ideas?


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