The Chronicles of Power RPG info.

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The Chronicles of Power RPG info.

Post by Goldendercon on Sat Oct 18, 2008 10:30 pm

Well, here it is... a very long description of the game...

Age: 18
Parents: Monica and Valor
A brave young man with orange hair, deep understanding and green eyes, he had a strong body and he was gifted with a deeper understanding of the world. He lost his father at the age of 6, leaving him and his mother alone. During the years after his father's death, Rayon took it to himself to defend his mother from all harm, thus he met Gratonor, an excellent swordsman who taught Rayon everything he knew. He is the first of the three heroes mentioned in the Medranaian prophecy.

Age: 17
Parents: Gratonor and ???
An eccentric youth, she is a childhood friend of Rayon, although not mentioned in the prophecy, she plays a large role in the coming battle. Her blue hair is a mark of her proficiency in magic, although young she already weilds a vast amount of magic. She never met her mother, but rather has only heard about her mother from Gratonor, her father.

Age: 19
A child adopted by Azhrael, a high wizard, Rayon has been found to possess enormous magical strength, this is the cause of his adult-like features at such a tender age. This strength is increased when the sky is covered by twilight. Not knowing his parents the youth feels perpetually distressed. He becomes even more distressed when he finds out that he is the second of the 3 heroes mentioned in the Medranaian prophecy. As a result his power grew twofold.

Parents: Lamagor the wise and Laurea the beautiful
[b]Her golden hair and pointed ears are tell-tale signs of her elven ancestry. She is a skilled archer and warrior. She prefers to use a bow. Her parents tried to keep her from discovering her destiny, for if she did, they feared that their daughter would leave them. Their efforts, though, were in vain because one night Chronicler Medranaia appeared to her and revealed that she was the third and last of the three heroes destined to save the worl. Furious at her parents for keeping it a secret, she fled from the foilage of her forest home and sought the two other heroes.



Continent of Lore, this is where Rayon was born, this is also where you start your adventure. It has lush fields and a scenic countryside. On the upper right corner is the Valkran desert. This continent has three kingdoms within it, namely, The Valkran kingdom, The Aqualimn kingdom and the Volcaury Empire. The continent is divided into two by the Frelimn river. The only way to get across the river is by boat. The Aqualimn and Valkran kingdoms were in constant war before the river broke the continent in to two. The Frelimn river was created by the High Wizard Azhrael when the Volcaury empire called for him to stop the two kingdoms from destroying each other. Since then neither side has offended the other. But this peace wasn't going to last any longer for the Lord of Shadows Conquered the Valkran Kingdom and is planning to destroy both the Aqualimn and Volcaury empires.


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