ORPG Progress Report 9/30/08

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ORPG Progress Report 9/30/08

Post by darkwulfv on Tue Sep 30, 2008 5:49 am

I will be making an RPG section soon so John and I (and anyone else who might be creating an RPG by chance) have a place to discuss things. Until then, this works.

Today, I finally "completed" the admin panel; or so I thought. Bugs galore! Crashes ahoy! Crap-Ho, captain!
Wheeeee! Soooo many bugs. Hitting any checkbox? Instant crash. Checking a player's sprite? Crash. Trying to set a sprite? Crash. The list goes on. Most were small errors, but there are a few I'm stumped on (thank goodness there's still a community that supports this engine).

So, as of today, the admin control panel 0.6 (0.3 ships with Elysium by default) is in core testing. 0.3 was terrible. Cramped, had few features, annoying. Well, 0.6 is tabbed (organization ftw!) and has far more features (which means less "/blah" commands).

In other news, I have some... well, bad news. John's castle, which he worked very hard on, may be gone. I have done extensive map warping, but can't seem to find the maps that held the castle. I will do some digging into old folders and see if I can find them, but I can't make guarantees. Sorry, John. (If you can remember what map numbers they were on, that'd be excellent)

On a more positive note, NPCs (which had been previously broken) are now working perfect. Hoorah! Also, it seems that just about everything converted over alright. I'll be doing more extensive testing when the admin panel works without a hitch.

For the record (since none of you, aside from John, are actually working on this yet), this was mainly directed AT John, to catch him up with what he's missed recently.



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