Major Change, oh noes

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Major Change, oh noes

Post by darkwulfv on Mon Jul 07, 2008 7:06 am

Well, I originally had an idea (thanks to Pyrogasm for the inspiration), where you could pick 2 abilities on your hero, and they would be enhanced/gain extra effects, that would be influenced by your attributes.

These were called Attribute Bonus, or AB.

However, I've found that this is greatly limiting to my spell creation, because I have to be able to make spells modifiable by their attribute; a pain in the ass.

Thus, AB is gone. I have stripped all code regarding it from the map, and all tooltips have been rid of it.

I will also be remaking many hero spells, now that I'm a little better at coding, and I'm more willing to take some triggering risks. In addition, I'm going to try and better incorporate elements, such as making spells have added effects or do different things to different elements.

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